Saturday, October 3, 2009

Getting started with SPOJ (Sphere Online Judge)

After successfully getting involved in SPOJ I think I must give a little idea of it to others too. SPOJ is an online coding website for practicing ACM-ICPC style problems.
You need to join this website if you are interested in coding and have a thirst to solve new problems otherwise you can sit back and relax hearing your music stuff.. :p

To start with you can register for SPOJ here.
After getting registered you can see number of problems. Right now there are around 4K+ problems at SPOJ. For submitting a problem in whichever language you desire you can click submit and submit your file or directly the source code. One of the best things about online judges is their instant feedback. You dont have to wait for your program to get judged! The judge results are:
  • Accepted – The output from your program perfectly matched the required output. This problem is then added to your list of accepted problems.
  • Time Limit Exceeded – It means your program took too long to execute. Try optimizing your program and check for accidental infinite loops.
  • Wrong Answer – Your program ran on time, but it did not produce the required output.
  • Compile Error -Your program had some syntax error. For these errors, click on the text “Compile Error” in the judge result. It`ll take you a page which will list the compile errors and their line numbers in your program. The compilation error can also be sent to you as mail.
  • Runtime Error – This is usually accompanied by a code like SIGSEV. It can happen due to a lot of reasons, but the two most common are using too much memory ( you can use around 6000*6000*4 bytes of memory ) and not remembering to use int main() and return 0 in your programs. (NZEC error).
Your ranking in SPOJ arena is dynamic. More the number of users who solve the problem you'v solved lesser will be points gained. The points you gain in SPOJ come with the formula:

points= 80/(40+users successfully solved the problem)

So, more the difficult question you solve more points you get and higher is your rank. Even your institute gets ranked on your points. Check your institute's rank here.

Here is my SPOJ handle.. vaibhav_pandey

Start coding now!!!

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