Saturday, November 14, 2009

Getting started with Project Euler

Hello folks.. After getting started with SPOJ and TOPCODER, lets get started with another fine programming competition which is Project Euler.

The first question which originates is.. why Project Euler??

My answer.. why not?? If you are interested in programming.. make yourselves interested in mathematical shortcuts and logics for solving problems too. Project Euler is a site that provides you problems that bind you to explore some unexplored areas of mathematics. Now, lets get started..

  • Get registered.
  • See the problems from problems tag. There are more than 260 problems at present.
  • Solving problems requires you either to build a source code that computes the asked value or to pick up pen and paper and start solving. My advice.. prefer the earlier one..!! :)
Your profile consists of the number of problems you have solved. Your ranking is based on levels. If you have successfully solved 25 questions you qualify to the level 1 and so on and so forth. On solving a problem its thread gets unlocked and you can check solutions of others in the languages they preferred. Thus, you can compare your code with others.

Your profile gets dissolved if no activity happens in 90 days of time. This happens if you are 0, 1 or 2 level programmer. Level 3 and level 4 programmers are granted immortality, thus, here lies the advantage of being superior.. 8)
So, get started with Project Euler and hone your programming skills..

To see my profile, first register to the site and then type the URL:

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