Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to screw your telephonic interview in five simple ways !!

Having three telephonic interviews experience, all being unsuccessful, I consider myself as the master of my group. Ya, the group of people who are good at screwing up their interviews. Wanna join this elite group ? You just need to take the below mentioned five easy steps before and during the telephonic interview as required.

The five glorious steps:

  • As per the procedure of the interview, the HR of the company calls up the student (to be interviewed) for the first time. Aim of HR is to convey student the interview timings, confirm his phone number and get aquainted to his background. The blunder you can do at this time is not to ask about the type of questions you would be asked during the interview. If you didn't do that.. you just took first step to join my elite group ! Certain companies (like facebook) prefer asking the algorithm questions (just like those in programming contests) whereas other companies (like Magma Inc. and Directi) check student's logic and reasoning by asking puzzles.

  • The second blunder you can do is to consider yourself superman and not prepare anything for the day. Do not even bother to look upon previously asked questions by the company or get yourself aquainted with famous puzzles asked during interviews.

  • You'll be just two steps away if you don't charge the mobile enough for an hour long interview on the death day.

  • The second last blunder you can do is to choose such a place for the interview where you get the weakest mobile signal as in casually lying in your bedroom and getting the call with no ear phones or your bathroom so that none of your friend sees you or hears your conversation !!

  • The last but not the least blunder you can do is to get fumbled up in nearly all the questions asked. Push the panic button again and again. Beat around the bush, don't hit the point and make the interviewer furious over you.

Ok, ya I m a little too agitated about another failed telephonic interview. The point is you can read the five steps, exactly do the opposite and make you interview much more comfortable and impressive.

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    I hope somebody else didn't ever pick your phone when an interview call was expected :P

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