Monday, March 15, 2010

Algothematics.. All the Mathematics you missed

Algothematics is a new event being introduced in Zealicon '10 (annual TechFest of JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida). The event will be conducted online. All programmers across the world are, hence, invited.

The event comprises of 15 levels. Each level has an ad-hoc mathematical problem which can either be solved manually (using pen and paper) or by conceiving certain algorithm. The submission requires only the answer to the question. Submission of source-code is not required.

Other tools can also be used for solving the problems. Spreadsheet, PARI-GP, MATLAB are among them. Besides all these we always have GOOGLE with us... :)

Besides all this, Zealicon forum will contain an "Algothematics" thread under "online events" where all sorts of problems and their hints will be discussed. No questions extraneous to the event will be entertained.
LeaderBoard will be available at the home page itself, so that you can constantly check your position among others.

Please do not ruin the basic purpose of event by any hacking stuff. Those not conforming to the rules and regulations will be banned without prior information. Decision of Algothematics Team will be the last.

First two teams reaching the final level will be adjudged victorious..

So pull up your socks, hone your programming skills.. Algothematics is about to begin..!!! (17th March, 00:00)

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