Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting started with Programming Contest Control (PC2)

After a grand success of JSSATEN techno-cult fest Zealicon '10, I wanted to redirect myself to blogging. So, here I m with another post in which I would like to share my experience with Programming Contest Control (PC2) software.

PC2 is a dynamic, distributed real-time system designed to manage and control Programming Contests. PC2 operates using a client-server architecture. Logging into a client using one of several different types of PC2 accounts (Administrator, Team, Judge, or Scoreboard) enables that client to perform common contest operations associated with the account type, such as contest configuration and control (Administrator), submitting contestant programs (Team), judging submissions (Judge), and maintaining the current contest standings (Scoreboard).

Here are the steps to begin with PC2 software:
  • Install Java (version 1.3.1 or greater).
  • Donwnload PC2 software from here ( I prefer version 8 ).
  • Edit the pc2v8.ini file to point servers and clients to the server IP:port and put the modified .ini file on every server and client machine.
  • Start a PC2 server by running “pc2server.bat” and answer the prompted question as "no".
  • Start a PC2 Admin client by running “pc2admin.bat” and login using the name “root” and password “root”.
  • Do not forget to change the username and login after that.
  • Configure the Admin.
  • Admin: Generate the number of teams, judges, admins, scoreboards you need.
  • Admin: Add the problems from the problem tab.
  • Admin: Define the languages allowed in your competition from the language tab.
  • Admin: Configure the clock from the Time/Reset tab. You can start and stop the contest from this tab.
  • Start all PC2 Judge clients by running “pc2judge.bat” and login ( for judge1 ) using the name “judge1” and password “judge1” and hence for other judges.
  • Judge: Judge receives all the source codes submitted by the teams and has to judge them right or wrong.
  • Start all PC2 Team client running “pc2team.bat” and login ( for team1 ) using the name “team1” and password “team1” and hence for other teams.
  • Team: The teams can send their source code by browsing it, selecting the problem and selecting the language.
  • Team: Teams get prompted whenever a decision is made about their source code and the scoreboard automatically updates as a team succesfully submits a problem.
So, here is the minimal use of PC2 software. For running a multisite contest or automated compilation of source code please refer the its documentation.
Happy coding..!!

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  1. now from this our juniors can easily do the pc2 installation.. nice one:)

  2. hey vaibhav looks like u have two topcoder profiles "vaibhavtopcoder" & "vaibhavpandey".....???

    am i correct??

  3. no.. vaibhavtopcoder is a senior from my college.. he codes in java and my default language is C++.. u can even check the codes we submit..

  4. sorry for suspecting u...........
    really sorry I get confused because of same name and college

  5. nevermind.. :) BTW what's ur topcoder handle??