Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting started on Android Application Development

Working as an intern at webkul, I set up Android on my PC. Here's the entire documentation I submitted.

Simple Steps for getting started with the Android Application Development on Windows:

Step-1: Downloads

Step-2: Configure Ellipse

  • Start Eclipse
  • Goto to Help->Install New Software.
  • Hit Add.
  • For the name, type “Android” and set the link to” (if this doesn’t work, try it with http:// instead of https://).
  • Click OK.

Step-3: Add ADT (Android Development Tools)

Step-4: Configure Android SDK

  • Start SDK Setup.exe.
  • Install all the packages needed.
  • SDK Manager installs the tools.

Step-5: Set up Android Virtual Device

  • Click on Virtual Devices in SDK Manager.
  • It creates an Android device that will test run the programs.
  • In the name field: “any name”
  • In target field: “Android 2.2 – API Level 8”
  • Select Size as 20.
  • Hit create.
  • Select AVD from list
  • Hit Start

Step-6: Configure Eclipse again

  • Open Eclipse
  • Goto Window->Preferences
  • Select the Android tab.
  • Browse to the location of your Android SDK
  • Hit Apply.
  • Hit OK.

Step-7: Create a new Project

  • Goto File->New->Projects
  • Select Android Projects.
  • Fill the required fields.
  • Hit Finish
  • Start Coding.

Step-8: Run Your Program

  • Press F11.
  • Hit Save.
* * * * *


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