Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some useful links for building Android Apps

Working on Android Application Development I came across some very useful links that every Android App Developer must follow. Here is my "" account, you can look for all the bookmarks I have saved.
In this post I am recommending some of the important Android forums and websites. By this time you must obviously be familiar with the official Android Developer Website where you can find the entire documentation of the project. Do add yourself to the Android Google Group for asking all your queries. For hosting your applications access its Official Marketplace.
Besides these regular sites which everyone accesses, I m here to share some more websites that can help novice get started and go on further with the Android App development.

(Click the titles for opening the pages)..

Here's Lars Vogel with his tutorial for getting started with Android App Development. Besides getting started, it also teaches to build a hello world app, demonstrates how to build menus and work with preferences, a nice content provider example and how to make a file browser. At last it demonstrates how to deploy your app onto a real device.

This is one of my best recommendations. Some very nice demo projects are hosted on the site. Studying Motto Twitter project can help understand the concepts in depth. Certain API's have also been explained in the tutorials. The use of bluetooth and camera may become very clear refering to their API tutorials.

Nice tutorials by Nithin Warreir. The blog contains some code snippets that help during development of big projects. One can learn implementation of various tools of Android development easily here. I have even added the admin to my gmail contacts and regularly ask him to review my applications.

Anddev forum is pretty famous for having a large number of online users everytime. For any query you can easily post a question in this forum. Wait for the help that comes in just a few minutes. One can also use the android tag of Stackoverflow, but mind you, it's lame..!! Too slow responses and you'll end answering your own question later which doesn't contribute to the repo at all.. :P

Besides the Official Marketplace, this is another marketplace that hosts developer's applications. For registering as developer in the official marketplace, one needs to pay $25, here lies the advantage of joining SlideMe, it is free..!!
Register yourself and deploy all your apps. The apps may be free or paid. The paid apps can only be downloaded from Android Phone through SlideMe market app. The website asks for copies of your project's ".apk" file and forms an inventory and on downloads you need to generate an invoice to redeem the money. Here is link for viewing my apps.

Happy developing ;)

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