Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Android Applications

During the summer internship I learned about interesting and innovative work of Android Application Development. I have already posted about getting started with it and some important links in my earlier posts. In this post I m going to discuss some of the applications I built.

Info Displayer:

Info displayer is a simple and light application. No doubt, it was my first app :). The application fetches some important information about your Android Device, such as, the device number, the hardware, the Manufacturer, Product, Model, Time etc. The application used "build" library and its functions to fetch the information.


Webber claims to be the world's simplest browser. It just has a text box to write a URL and the view below it, which fetches the web-page. It doesn't allow the default browser to hinder its working. I used an EditText and a WebView to present this app. Other stuff was just a cake walk.

Sleek Feed:

Sleek Feed is an application that displays the feeds of the saved URL. The application parses the XML file, and gets the titles of the latest feeds and displays it onto the screen. The URL is feeded by the user himself through the admin panel. The main feature of the application is the fact that it saves the previous URL feeded in the admin panel.
To view its complete working see the video here on youtube.

One thing I learned while building these apps that "it's not knowledge, but it's innovation, that matters a lot while completing an entire project."

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